We are excited to announce our new partnership with TinyYogis.

Starting in December 2017, yoga will be available for all currently enrolled students.

Since we believe in teaching the whole child, we decided to offer our students this great class to help them with their steps to become more successful.

Check out the video and her website.


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Congratulations to Trinity!

This is our student of the month of November 2017.

Trinity is always prepared for class, she turns in her homework on time and she always has a positive attitude towards learning.

We are so proud of you Trinity.

Keep up the good work!

Whoever said parenting was easy? Wish kids came with instructions? 
Although, being a parent has its good days and challenging days, finding your child's love language makes life so much easier.

This book breaks down the very detail on how to respond and interact with your child based on their love language. This book is a MUST READ!

Did you know that library books are now available online?

Yes, read this book on the Hoopla app.

Also, here is a great website that has printables.




We specialize in one on one personalized instruction for grades Pre-K - 8th.

Current Book of the Month

Each month we will choose a student of the month. Will your child be next?


November 23rd-26th 2017

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your family time! See you soon. Remember the virtual classroom is always available for your child to practice their skills.

Take learning with you this holiday!

Yes, the virtual classroom can be reached on any Android, iPhone and/or tablet.

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