We have positioned our company to work with local elementary and middle schools to help with the state low reading scores. We understand the need for one on one personalized learning. Allow us to help you achieve higher reading scores this year!

We know that teachers and/or administration are overwhelmed with tests, meetings, data boards, lesson plans, grading papers, school clubs, discipline, classroom management, etc. Let your teachers focus on their classroom duties and allow us to come in and tutor your struggling students one on one or in small groups. Adding our tutors to your school environment will increase success in so many ways!

Call us today make an appointment! Try us out for 30 days.

We are ready to work as a team in your school/community to increase reading scores at your school.

We are here to help in the solution.


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We welcome all homeschooling families!

We are so proud of you!

We understand the many reasons why you are homeschooling your child.

We stand with you in your brave effort!

We are here for you!

We want to help you and your family reach academic success within your state standards and/or guidelines.

Make sure that you join HSLDA.org.  This website has all the information you need to make sure you are up to date with all the laws on homeschooling for your state.

Homeschooling and parenting can be super fun and overwhelming at the same time.

Just take it one lesson at a time.We are here to help you in your journey.

We offer online and face to face tutoring. We can help with sets of lesson plans, hands-on activities/projects and great feedback for parents on what their child has mastered.

Our rates depend on the grade level of your child, quantity of children and how often you will need us. (per week, month or daily)

We chose the multi-sensory teaching option for our students and we combine technology with our learning/teaching style. We focus on learning the skill and the standard for your state.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to receive the best education available.

We would be happy to join your team.

Call us today to receive your assessment.


Monday- Saturday  9 am to 6 pm

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We specialize in one on one personalized instruction for grades Pre-K - 8th.

Public/Private Schools

‚ÄčI found Ms. Ayana to be very helpful to myself and my son. She showed me how to focus on recognizing David's strengths and weaknesses. She was able to help me understand how to expand on both. She showed great patience when he needed it most. Most importantly she still cares about his educational growth. We look forward to another year with Ms. Ayana.  

                                          Mrs. Judson