• Mathematics
    • Elementary Math
    • Middle School Math
    • Multiplication 
    • Division & Long Divison
    • Pre- Algebra & Algebra
    •  Geometry
  •  Reading & Phonics Spelling
    • Spelling
    • Comprehension
    • Reading Fluency
    • Vocabulary
    • Creative writing
    • Essay writing
  • STEM/Science Projects
    • Elementary/Middle School Science
    • Earth Science
    • Physical Science 
  • Social Skills

    • Self-Control

    • Decorum/Manners      

    • Safety

    • Rules/Law

  • Sewing 

    • ​​Basic Sewing 

    • Quilt Making

    • ​​Fashion Design


Meet Ms. Ayana

Learning Process

 All children learn at different paces.

We will assess each child and tailor our tutoring techniques to produce the highest results.

Our goal is to help your child catch up and/or even get ahead in their academics.

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We specialize in one on one personalized instruction for grades Pre-K - 8th.

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Thank you for visiting my tutoring page!

Test and exams are temporary but education is permanent. After working in the public school classroom setting for 7+ years, I saw the need for one on one learning with our youth. I believe that all children deserve quality education no matter their background. I am thrilled to create an opportunity to help many families reach their educational goals for their children. I have a Master's Degree in Early Childhood and I use the multi-sensory approach when I teach my students. Not only do I teach but I have  BFA in Fashion Design/Marketing. I love to sew and create unique clothing. With Home Ec no longer in school, many children miss the opportunity to learn how to sew. No worries I teach sewing also.

If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns feel free to email me Ms.Ayana@ShapingMindsTutoring.com

or call me 404-784-9512

Happy Learning!